Friday, September 26, 2008


I don’t know what the hell happened but I still have my blog posts.  Whew!  I recently moved my blog from a cheap GoDaddy account to my Windows Home Server.  I consider this entirely your fault, dear reader, as if I had more readers then I would feel compelled to host it externally with a fatter pipe.  But I digress…  :)

In any case, while was otherwise occupied (attending the Sun DBTG developers conference in Riga, Latvia) something happened to my server and I came home to my files not working.  They were there but any attempt to open them would give some obscure error about the system not being able to access it.  Clearly this had something to do  with the “special” load balancing driver that WHS uses.  In any case it appeared my music and blog was toast.

Earlier today I learned that WHS maintains another link to your shared folders.  I enabled viewing the protected folders and saw a folder named “DE” on c:\.  Peeking there shows the same shared folder directory structure only these work!  Clearly these are sym links as c:\ is only as 20 gig partition but it was showing nearly 80 gig of data in this folder.  I quickly copied these off to a new machine and rebuilt my WHS server.  Blog restored!

Lesson learned?  Get a second hard drive in your WHS machine so the folder duplication junk can do its thing!