Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MySql Connector/Net 6.2.0 Alpha has been released

MySQL Connector/Net 6.2.0, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released. This is an alpha release and is intended to introduce you to the new features and enhancements we are planning. This release should not be used in a production environment.

It is now available in source and binary form from [http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/6.2.html] and mirror sites (note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time - if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another download site.)

The new features or changes in this release are

  • Connection pool cleanup timer. We now utilize a timer that cleans idle connections that are no longer connected every 3 minutes
  • We are now using stream and TCP-based timeouts to handle command timeouts. This is more inline with what SqlClient does and should be more reliable than our old timer based approach
  • Completely refactored MySqlConnectionStringBuilder
  • We now support the TableDirect query type
  • Completely refactored our logging system. As part of this, query logs now keep all information relevant to that query together to make it easier to find and read.

What we know may be broken
Documentation is not updated yet. Please let us know what else we broke and how we can make it better!

Monday, October 19, 2009

SharedView is actually pretty cool

So the Windows live writer guys must be at it again.  Microsoft has released a new screen sharing utility called SharedView.  Actually I’m just kidding about the the live writer guys.  It’s easy to think they were involved because live writer continues to be a very nice little utility that is a joy to use.  SharedView appears to also be lean and mean.  The download was small and the install quick and easy.  Within just a couple of minutes I had a session going and a buddy of mine just had to click on a url to join my session.  We shared each other’s desktops with ease.  It comes with a chat box but you’ll need to use Skype or WLM for voice.

For those who need some simple screen sharing, get it here.