About Me

I'm a senior software engineer at Oracle working on the Windows version of MySQL and Connector/Net, our all managed .NET provider for MySQL. I joined MySQL in 2004, then joined Sun when MySQL was sold to Sun in 2008 and I'm now with Oracle due to Oracle's acquisition of Sun. I've continued to work on Connector/Net and related .NET projects surrounding MySQL.

I live in northern Tennessee with my wife Eve and our four kids. Ryan, our oldest, is 17 and is a star student, wrestler, and tennis player. Katie is 14 and plays softball and volleyball. Jacob (4) and Daniel (2) are our other two kids and they really keep us hopping.

When I'm not hacking .NET code for Oracle you'll either find me at a wrestling tournament, a softball tournament, a Boy Scout camp. or working on my house.

I love action and science fiction movies and really enjoy watching them in my new basement theater on my 140" HD projection screen. Admit it -- you're jealous. Just kidding.

My reading ranges from Linux, open source, and Windows blogs, to MSDN magazine, to books such as Robots at Dawn or Atlas Shrugged. My last non-fiction read was a biography of Abraham Lincoln.

Halloween party in Georgia

Relaxing with the kids at Punta Cana