Monday, January 16, 2006

What a crappy couple of days

Finally back to where I started, sans *ALL* my blog entries.  Holy crap this sucks!  A couple of days ago I decided that I would experiment with DotNetNuke.  A couple of failed install attempts later and I was asking the very helpful staff at my hosting provider to install it for me (which they did).   What they also did was delete everything on my site before they did the installation!

No problem, right?  Just do a quick restore from tape.  Bzzzt.  The daily backup for today has just overwritten the daily backup for yesterday.  Ok, no problem.  You have weekly backups too, right?  Bzzzt.  Your data is gone and there is nothing we can do about it.  Crap.  Yes, I know.  Keep your own backups.  Make that #246 on the list of things I need to do. 

In any event, I've reinstalled dasBlog and reuploaded my old site.  The blog has the same address so any subscriptions should still work though old links will certainly not work.

On the bright side, Jacob is doing great.  He's already gained back to his birth weight at only 8 days old and is eating and sleeping tons (which helps my sleeping).  Construction is also going great on the kids floor (hope to provide some pics later).


  1. Glad everything is back. I tried to send you an email about, but it came back undeliverable. I was looking for some documentation for a C++ .NET app using ByteFX and MySQL. Thanks.

  2. that's cool!!I was agree about this post!!thanks for sharing!!great one

  3. just stay safe, be happy. thanks for the sharing