Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TestDriven.NET working on Vista beta 2.. finally!

TestDriven.NET is a
tool that I use religiously.  It is simply indispensable and so when it
failed to work under Vista beta 2 I was about to declare defeat and head back
to Windows 2003.  Thankfully, Jamie (the author of TestDriven.NET) helped
me work out the problem and it turns out it was likely my fault!  So what


Well, I installed Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio
2005 before attempting to install TestDriven.NET.  I ran both systems to
make sure they worked and then proceeded to install TD.Net.  After
installing, any attempts to activate the add-in would result in an error
message stating that the CLSID could not be located. 


The problem, I think, is that I installed TD.Net as administrator. 
This is easy to understand because Vista’s LUA system is whacked. 
My user is in the admin group but does not have admin rights.  Makes sense? 
Right….  But that’s another post.  Anyway, since the user
you create during Vista install doesn’t have full admin rights, it
becomes easy to right click and run as administrator anything you think may
need admin privs.  I think this is what I did.  This, by itself, is
not enough to wreck the install however.  The other part is that TD.NET,
by default, installs for the current user.  So, when the install was done,
I (as my regular non-admin self) could not load the proper CLSID since it had
been installed as admin.  A quick reinstall of TD.Net, this time
indicating that I wanted it installed for all users, did the trick.


Lesson learned?  Remember that the admin user under
Vista is a different user, not you with admin rights.  Also, don’t
run everything as admin.  Be sure you have to run it as admin before you




  1. Hi Reggie!

    Thank you for the good leesson. I'm also don’t run everything as admin and I think that's right move.

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