Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh yeah!

I had been thinking of moving my blog for some time now.  I started my blog back when I was self-employed and operating under the corporate name ByteFX.  I have been employed by MySQL now for more than 3 years and been blogging about all things .NET and MySQL at my ByteFX site.  While technically there is nothing wrong with this, it always felt wrong to me to blog about my efforts at my current employment under a different corporate website.  The domain name '' was available so I jumped. offers some very cheap Windows hosting so I decided to host my new site and blog there.  They offer a very professional setup and the only real hang up was that my site had to be medium trust compatible.  dasBlog, my current blog software of choice, is not.  So I made the move to Subtext, a BSD-licensed fork of .Text.  It's simple, SQL-based (soon to support MySQL), includes a photo gallery, and works under medium trust.  Sold.  Now I need to move my current blog to Subtext.  Here's where the rubber meets the road.

While Subtext can import BlogML data, dasBlog doesn't support BlogML export.  After asking on the dasBlog mailing list, I found a blog post here that includes a BlogML import/export tool.  After a few tweaks, I managed to generate a fairly large BlogML file that imported cleanly into Subtext.  I also found this page that I basically followed the rest of the way home.

A few support calls to, a few code changes to the IHttpHandler included on the referenced page, and I had my old blog moved over and most old dasBlog links working.  I still don't have CategoryView, month view, or default.aspx#{guid} style urls working but I'll hack on those tomorrow.

I'll send out a separate (and more brief) announcement but my blog has officially moved from to  Please update your bookmarks and reader subscriptions appropriately.  Thanks!

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