Tuesday, August 21, 2007

MySQL Connector/Net 5.0.8 has been released

MySQL Connector/Net 5.0.8 a new version of the all-managed .NET driver for MySQL has been released.  This is a bug fix release for the current production branch of Connector/Net.  Version 5.0.8 is suitable for use with any MySQL version including MySQL-4.1, MySQL-5.0, MySQL-5.1 beta or the MySQL-6.0 Falcon "Preview".

It is now available in source and binary form from the Connector/Net download pages at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/5.0.html and mirror sites (note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time - if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or choose another download site.)

We moved to a new installer technology for this release.  Please let us know what, if any, problems you have with it.

The full release announcement with change log can be seen in our .NET forum here.


  1. Randy "The Bear" SchmidtAugust 24, 2007 at 12:08 AM

    I hate to bother you, but I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to hook an ASP.NET 2.0 GridView & FormView up to a MySql database and utilize the built-in Update, Insert, Delete functionality of the GridView & FormView to maintain my data. Problem is, the GridView & FormView are not giving the option to select that functionality when connected to a MySql database table. I can display data, but that is it. I have been pounding on this for 2 days now with no luck. Any advice or help would be deeply appreciated.

    Randy "The Bear" Schmidt

  2. When you say they are not giving you the option, what do you mean?

  3. I don't like your template but your posts are quite good so I will check back!