Monday, February 15, 2010

MySQL Connector/Net 6.3.0 alpha 1 has been released

MySQL Connector/Net 6.3.0, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver
for MySQL has been released. This is an alpha release and is intended to
introduce you to the new features and enhancements we are planning. This
release should not be used in a production environment.

It is now available in source and binary form from
[] and mirror sites
(note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time
- if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later
or choose another download site.)

New features or changes:

  • Visual Studio 2010 RC support

  • Nested transaction scope support

What we know may be broken

  • Documentation is not updated yet and is not integrated into VS 2010

  • Data editing view (in VS) does not function in this build

Please let us know what else we broke and how we can make it better!


  1. I am trying to install this on VS2010 RC, Windows XP
    The installer runs almost to completion, and when it says it is registering the provider in machine.config it stalls, then it rolls back and says it failed due to "an error".
    Is there any log file it produces I can send you to help diagnose it?

  2. Sure. Rerun the install from the command line with the following command line

    msiexec /l* install.log /i

    Once it fails and exits, then email me install.log

  3. i don't have your email address...

    these seem to be the relevant error lines:

    Property(S): ProductToBeRegistered = 1
    Action ended 11:11:24: ExecuteAction. Return value 3.
    Action 11:11:24: FatalError.
    Action start 11:11:24: FatalError.
    Action 11:11:24: FatalError. Dialog created
    Action ended 11:11:25: FatalError. Return value 2.
    Action ended 11:11:25: INSTALL. Return value 3.
    Property(C): NETFRAMEWORK20 = #1

  4. Here's the log file:

  5. Also having installation problems here with .NET Connector 6.3

    Let me know if there's any debugging I could help with.

    Log file can be found at the following link (raw text):

  6. I' have the same problem too, any clue to fix it? or in how much time MySql crew can fix it?

  7. Yes, I am working on reproducing and a fix. Should be out on Monday

  8. Brad, How is your system setup? What OS and what is installed?

  9. Luis, How is your system setup? What OS and what is installed?

  10. How is your system setup? What OS and what is installed?

  11. hi reggie, after all thanks for help :D
    im on Windows 7 32bit
    Visual Studio 2010

    need more info???

  12. I got the exactly same error log file as #5 and #6. I tried to install this on my 32 bit XP Virtual PC with Vistaul 2010. Of course, the host is 64 bit Windows 7 and the same installation file is working on my 64 bit Windowns 7 with VS2008 SP1 only, no beta or RC software installed.

  13. I just pushed a fix for this.

  14. Dear Reggie,
    With the new version will I be able to run multiple different transaction even distributed transaction is it? Thank you.

  15. We don't yet support transactions across multiple connections or multiple databases.

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