Thursday, May 6, 2010

My 30 days on OS/X - day 6

Well, I've only had to run back to Windows once.  I have VNC installed on my Windows 7 Media Center computer but somehow I just couldn't get Chicken of the VNC to work right and  we were having a volume issue.

So far what's the verdict?  Well, there are some things I really like and some things I don't.  Here's a breakdown of the software I was using on Windows, what I'm using on Mac, and if it's better or worse.

  • HydraIRC is  a great Windows IRC client.  On the Mac I'm using Colloquy and I must say I prefer Colloquy.  It's faster to connect and has a better default profile for notifying you when things happen.  With HydraIRC you could easily miss a PM. Not going to happen with Colloquy.

  • Skype is skype

  • I use Digsby for IM, Facebook, and Twitter on Window.  On the Mac, I'm using Adium for IM and Facebook and Twhirl for twitter.  This is a push.  I prefer how Adium handles conversations but prefer Digsby for twitters.

  • Use Chrome for browsing on both but I have to say that I prefer Chrome on Windows.

  • I love how Apple Mail handles mail.  The keyboard interface is great and the find is awesome.  Much better than Thunderbird. I also love the LDAP integration with Address Book (seeing my co-workers pictures in mail is great)

  • iMovie is GarageBand is better than anything at the same price on Windows

  • iPhoto is ok

I still plan on finishing my 30 day experiment.  Will I stay on OS/X after the experiment is over?  I doubt it.  There's simply not enough 'can't live without' features on OS/X to justify the pain.  Ok, back to work.

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