Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I just don't get it

I read alot of blogs.  Some of them agree with me politically and some
of them don't.  Often I find the ones that don't entertaining and I'm
especially fond of the blogs that bash George Bush.  He's certainly not a
great president and I can't vouch for his honesty but, just like with Bill
Clinton, I don't assert to be true what I don't know to be true.

Did the Clinton's have anything to do with Foster's death?  I have no
idea and you'll never hear me say otherwise.  Did he lie under oath about
Monica Lewinsky?  Yup, that I know.  He admitted it.  The war in
Iraq certainly could have been handled better but did  George Bush
*intentionally* mislead Congress and the American people?  I don't know and
they don't either.  Remember, we are talking about facts, not opinions.

Recently I've seen blogs asserting that Bush is borderline racist because he
knew of Katrina 1 day before it hit.  From what I gather, the federal
government is completely responsible for my safety.  I guess when the next
tornado comes ripping by my house I should wait outside for the FEMA bus (wonder
if I should wear something bright so they see me?)  Of course it's
silly.  The folks of New Orleans, including the mayor and governor of
LA, also knew Katrina was coming and chose to stay.  By the way,
parts of Alabama and Missippi were hit much harder than New Orleans but they
didn't seem to have the same problems.  I know this because I went down and
led cleanup crews one weekend and talked to the folks there.

Is the federal government there to help us?  Yes.  However, when
things go south it's very easy to point the finger at the Prez, especially when
you don't happen to agree with anything he stands for.  Could he and our
disaster response teams have done better?  Yes, again.  However the
mayor, governor, and people of New Orleans are the most responsible for not
repairing levees and attempting leave sooner.

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