Monday, March 27, 2006

Pompeii had running water

Not even 50 years ago, you could easily find families here in the US that did
not have running water and would go to a central water source such as a well for
their needs.  The people of Pompeii had run lead water pipes to the various
fountains around the the city to allow for drinking water.  Folks, this is
at least 2000 years ago.  Maybe they were just smarter back then.  But
then they used their own city streets for sewage so there goes the theory of
them being smarter.  Ha!

They also had places that were essentially bars.  Areas that had small,
barrel-like containers of drink that people could walk up to and quench their
thirst.  Made me wonder if each one had their own Cliff Claven (the
know-it-all guy that no one likes) or if there is this one guy who every time he
walks up, they all yell "Claudius, what is vp?". 

Oh, and from all the signs around the city, the men of Pompeii were very
"lucky".  If you don't know what I mean by that, do some research into what
the men of that city thought would bring them luck.  Here's a hint: 
you only need one hand.