Friday, December 15, 2006

How many "rights" do I actually have?

Man I get so tired of hearing or reading someone make some stupid claim that they have a right to "X".  There was a post on Digg recently where some guy claimed he had a "right" to DVD playback on his Linux machine.  As John Stossel would say, "give me a break!"  Earlier I read someone say that they had a right to demand that retailers sell them a machine without any software installed.  Are you kidding me?

You have a right to what you have a legal license for, whether that license be GPL, proprietary, or other.  I'm a fan of Linux and really hope that LotD takes off and seriously challenges Vista and OS/X.  However, we do not have a "right" to DVD playback unless we have purchased that right either by having it baked into our OS of choice or buying an add-on codec pack.

The author of the post made some lame comment claiming that a user should have the right to playback his or her DVD because they already paid for it.  This is just stupid. The movie industry is under no obligation to make sure your DVDs playback on your computer.  That's what DVD players are for.

If you have an OS that doesn't have the DVD codecs in the package, then stop your whining and do like everyone else and just pay for a DVD player package.

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