Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Building MySQL using Orcas

I downloaded and setup the VPC image for the new January CTP "Orcas" of Visual Studio.  I plan to use these bits to better integrate our provider into the new Entity Framework.  But before that can happen, what is any self-respecting developer going to do with a fresh install of the next version of Visual Studio?  Why try to build MySQL with it!

We use CMake as our project file generation tool and so the first step was to install it and a couple other items into the VPC.  That done, I tried to generate the project files.  CMake errored out saying that it could not find Visual Studio 8.  A quick edit of the VS8 template file for CMake and that was fixed. 

Ten minutes after booting the VPC for the first time, I'm happy to report that I have MySQL 5.1 happily compiling inside of Visual Studio "Orcas".  I'll work through fixing a couple of bugs using it and report back on it's C++ stability.  [Not that I really care.  I'm here for the entity framework and LINQ]


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