Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vista annoyance number 87

Can someone please tell me why I have to suffer a UAC prompt elevation to set environment variables for myself?  And please don't try and justify it by telling me the UI for setting user environment variables is in the same place as system environment variables thus requiring an elevation.

Yet more evidence that Vista is simply half-baked.


  1. Use the `setx' command which comes with Vista, it's much quicker and doesn't disrupt you with an unnecessary prompt.

    In any case, I filed a bug on getting the UAC prompt in that dialog, they WONTFIX'ed it.

  2. You can change YOUR environment variables, without any prompt, by going to your user account (click your avatar in the start menu) and selecting the "Change my environment variables" task... definitely not intuitive though (at least for previous Windows users :P)