Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is it really so hard to understand why Macs are easier?

It's no secret to anyone that Microsoft caters to developers while Apple is faithful to end-users.  I happen to like Apple's approach since, as a developer, I actually do qualify as a user.  Microsoft should really be concerned since I don't think I would find too many people that would disagree when I say that if the market shares were even, Apple would seriously be in the driver seat.  I use Windows because that's where my money is made and where most of the applications I use exist.  Here is just one example where Microsoft unnecessarily makes things complicated.  Consider this screenshot of my installed apps (I'm using Vista x64).


Now, why do I have separate items listed for SQL Server VSS write, and setup support files, and native client?  Those items are not updated independently and I can't ever see a user removing them individually.  So why in the h*ll do I have to see them here?  Just bundle them as part of my SQL Server Express product. 

The same goes for all the Visual Studio junk.  64bit Prerequisites?  Remote debugger?  Tools for Office runtime?  Visual J# redist package?  I should see one item here for VS 2005 and it would be called, drumroll please, "Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite".  Done.  That's all.  If I want to add/remove options from the product, them I start setup for VS 2005 and change things.

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