Friday, February 2, 2007

MySQL Tools for Visual Studio 1.1.2 now available

Today we have released MySQL Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.1.2 -- a downloadable plug-in for Visual Studio 2005 that allows Windows developers to quickly build MySQL data-driven applications with Visual Studio. With this plug-in, developers will be able to create, modify and manage MySQL database objects with an easy-to-use interface from within the Visual Studio IDE. This product is delivered as a package compatible with Visual Studio 2005.

This release is identical to 1.1.0 in functionality. We identified and corrected some problems with the installers for 1.1.0 and the unreleased 1.1.1.

The 1.1 series plugin adds support for using the DataSource wizard and the DataSet designer in Visual Studio 2005. The Data Source wizard can be found by choosing Data|Add Data Source from the Visual Studio menu. It provides a way to connect the generic data-handling capabilities of Visual Studio to our provider. Once a data source is added then custom datasets can be created using the DataSet Designer. Using this designer, you can drag and drop database tables onto the design surface and use the created TableAdapter classes to populate the tables.

MySQL will be presenting a webinar showing these new capabilities. You can find the details of this webinar and register for the event at

Thank you for your time and effort in checking out this product. Please don't hesitate to use the following resources for posting your bug reports, questions, or concerns.

Bugs: (use the Connector/Net category)


  1. Excellent, thanks Reggie -- looking forward to playing with this and to your webinar.

  2. Sorry, is there a better place to download this from than ? The version of 1.1.2 on that page says it's alpha?

  3. i want to get mysql visual studio 1.1. 2 fro vb2005

  4. i love this tool... thanks for information..