Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Got tired of waiting...

Our next version of Connector/Net will include support for Compact Framework 2.0.  One thing that's been challenging is how to test our provider in this environment.  We have a NUnit test suite that we use with the normal provider but so far I haven't found any good way to run it under the compact framework.  I know about CFNUnitBridge but I needed something that could also work with compact framework 1.0.

So, I decided to write my own.  After two days of hacking I now have an application that does just what I want.  It loads my test suite and implements all the NUnit framework junk that I use.  I gave it a reasonable UI similar to what is seen in NUnit's GUI runner.  You can select a single test to run and have it run all the tests.  It also keeps track of exception messages and stack traces per test failure.  Here's a shot of it.  Anyone wanting to check it out can find it in the sample applications that will be included with Connector/Net 5.1.

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