Thursday, April 26, 2007

It has to be intentional

I'm sitting here at the end of the MySQL Conference 2007 waiting for "Orcas" beta 1 to uninstall.  Yes, I know I should have used a VM but that's not the issue.  The issue is that I'm missing a great closing keynote on Yahoo Pipes while I wait for setup to "generate setup script".  Folks, it's been doing that for 30 minutes!

I'm running Vista Ultimate on this Inspiron 6000 but I know these absurdities are not limited to lower end hardware.  I've got a dual-Opteron box at my house and uncompressing zip files is a joke.  Right-clicking a 30 meg zip on my home system (SATA, 2 gig RAM, dual Opteron) often takes at least 10 minutes to tell me that the rest of the uncompress will take another 20.  Enter 7-zip stage left and the same uncompress is done in about 90 seconds.  I've code for almost 20 years and I can tell you that I would have to work very hard to write code this bad.  It has to be intentional!

45 minutes - still generating setup script.

Before I left on this trip I needed to copy the Orcas ISO over to my laptop.  Both machines are on my home network but the ISO is 5.5 gigs so I knew it would take some time.  After showing me a "Calculating time required" dialog for nearly 1 hour the dialog simply vanished.  No file copied, no error, no apology, no smoke afterward.  Copying files on Vista is simply broken, whether it's across a network or local.  On many occasions I've emptied my recycle bin (that had only one item in it) and stared at a "Preparing to recycle" message for 20 minutes.  Hello!  I'm recycling a single 2k file and you have to think about it for 20 minutes.  No wonder we're the butt of the world's joke.

55 minutes - still generating setup script.

Yes, Vista does some good things.  Yes, the things I mention here can and will be fixed.  But for now, my best advice to Vista users is to not copy files.  *grin*

1 hour - finally got the script written.  Now doing the uninstall.


  1. hehe,

    Yes this issues drives me up to wall... I do believe I read that microsoft has released a fix for this but they recommend that you wait till the first service pack is out unless you really have to. Im gonna grin and bare it for now..


  2. Sounds like a issue with your hardware. Or you dont know how to use windows. I never had ANY problem with Vista. People just need to learn not to try to install every peice of crapware they had on XP on their and find a compatible alternative.

  3. FAO T-Heezy :)

  4. Thanks for the link, Lee

  5. stared at a "Preparing to recycle" message for 20 minutes. Hello! I'm recycling a single 2k file and you have to think about it for 20 minutes. No wonder we're the butt of the world's joke.