Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Checking out KDE4

So I decided to download the KDE4 live preview ISO and see what those guys  have been up to.  First pass was through Virtual PC 2007.  It initially seemed to boot ok but I eventually landed on a blank screen which didn't budge for nearly 45 minutes.  Either it was dead or taking an ridiculously long time.  Scratch.

Next I tried VMWare 6 RC1 and found success.  The image booted up nicely (although a bit slowly) and I was left with a very blank KDE4 desktop.  Very blank.  No demos.  Nothing to show me what is new.  Just a pretty blue screen.  Opening up the link for my home folder, I got a very bad looking type of explorer window that had tabs for history, services, network, etc.  At this point I was  unimpressed and bored. 

Is it just me or is the Linux desktop crowd still trying to reproduce what the Mac and Windows folks had about 5 years ago? 

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