Monday, August 25, 2008

Perfect virtual desktops. Almost...

Like most Windows devs I really like the Sysinternals family of products.  So when I caught wind this morning of a new product called Desktops that creates a virtual workspace of up to 4 desktops I just knew it was the product I was looking for.  Well, it sort of is.
You can't ask for an easier installation.  Unzip it and drop it on a folder and run it.  In the dialog that appears you can select whether to run it at startup.  Here's a shot of that dialog.

It has a nice selection of options to select which desktop you are using but sadly it doesn't support the most important one -- the arrow keys!  Someone who is using virtual desktop software is enough of a power user that they will want to switch desktops on-the-fly without looking at the keyboard.  Sure I can whack a number key without looking but the T-shape arrow keypad just fits with the metaphor a bit better.  A simple Ctrl+Shift+Arrow would do the trick.
The other problem is the speed. It's a bit slow and has no nice swipes or transitions but it is free software so I'm really not griping about that too much.
All in all a welcome bit of software.  Thanks Mark!


  1. Hello Reggie,

    Just reading your blog (as I've a small issue with connection pooling with my app and with 5.2.3...), I saw your article on virtual desktop. Pretty funny, as I've looked for one 2 days ago and didn't choose Sysinternal's one but another opensource and pretty customizable one: VirtuaWin (customizable because it's light and accept plugins to extend it). Try it, you'll like it!


  2. this feature has been copied from linux fedora which comes as inbuilt feature for fedora

  3. Yes, i tried it
    can i have the feature like rotating the desktop like in fedora 9.
    this is only a switcher.
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  4. i think this virtual desktop is great
    and i recommend everybody to try it.personally i like it alot :)

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  10. ripped of this feature has been copied from linux fedora which comes as inbuilt feature for fedora

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