Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hmm. Here's hoping it runs better than it installs

Finished up my sessions here at the MySQL Users Conference and decided I
would take a moment to install the freshly minted RC1 of Windows Power
Shell.  <pause while booming voice resonates/>

I had Monad beta 2 on this laptop so the installer politely told me I had to
remove that first.  No problem.  Uh, well.  There is a
problem.  Monad beta 2 on this machine was the first beta 2 shipped that
was built against .NET beta 2.  I've since removed that and upgraded to
Visual Studio 2005 and the RTM version of .NET 2.0.  The uninstaller
quickly alerted me to this fact and declared flatly that it could not remove

Not really wanting to uninstall VS 2005 and reinstall .NET beta 2, I played
around with editing my machine.config to get the uninstaller happy.  After
several failed attempts, I simply decided to blast the monad install folder and
rip out the registry key.  I checked the GAC and saw no signs of MSH in
there so maybe I'm safe.  Proceed to install.

Bzzt.  About 70% through the installation, the installer declared that
it was having network difficulty reading from msh_setup-i386.msi.  There's
really two problems with that.  I'M NOT INSTALLING OVER A NETWORK AND THE
MSI IS NOT NAMED MSH_SETUP_I386.MSI!  Sheesh, is it really this hard to
release a product that installs.  Holy crap who's building this

So I made a copy of my PowerShell-i386.msi installer and named it
msh_setup-i386.msi.  The installation of PowerShell completed successfully
then.  I hope.  I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

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