Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Somebody has to look down the road

I just read this
on how Wal-Mart controls the content of video games with it's
massive retailing power.  They "force" game studios to create certain types
of games by refusing to carry what they perceive to be objectionable
content.  Good for them.

I'm not for censorship and I firmly believe in a person's right to enjoy
whatever type of entertainment they wish (currently legally allowed) however
those individuals that slam corporations like Wal-Mart for refusing to carry
certain items are just not seeing the big picture.  They will cry that
rights are being violated, which is stupid.  Wal-Mart certainly isn't
obligated to carry every game made and it's the game studios (wise) decision to
not develop a game that Wal-Mart will not carry.  It's simply

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe it is better if Wal-Mart carried all the games
that are made.  Perhaps society would be better off if we had more games
involving nudity, sex acts, cop killing, prostitution, and vulgar language and
behavior.  You think I'm kidding?  Look at the BMX XXX game, or the
Grant Theft Auto series.  Game studios would make far worse if they could
get by with it.  Maybe there is a place for X-rated and very violent games
in our society but the store shelf at Wal-Mart in front of every 8 year old on
the planet is not it.


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  1. I loved the way you exlained things. Much better many here