Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Repeat after me: decouple, decouple, decouple

Just saw the post on /. about the release of PowerShell RC1.  Exciting
but then I read this:

"PS won't be shipped with Vista or Windows Server 2007 but it will debut
with Exchange 12."

Huh?  PowerShell will ship with Exchange?  Ok, I understand that
Microsoft has to sell products to stay in business but they could still sell
Windows, Office, Exchange, and all their other products while decoupling major
components such as Explorer, Internet Explorer, PowerShell, and several
others.  By decoupling these, it does several things not the least of which
is forcing their devs to develop more rigid interfaces between the components
and allowing Microsoft to ship these components on a schedule different than the
base products. 

Who among us would not love to have a shell circa 2006 instead of the crappy
Windows explorer we have now?

What's next?  The only way to get the HD-DVD addon for XBox360 is to buy
Biztalk 2007?


  1. its very useful!thanks for that!!very interesting!!

  2. its just to what i did.. thanks for the help