Monday, August 14, 2006

And they wonder why we have little faith?

So, attempting to use Vista 5472 for daily work has been interesting to say the least.  One example was my attempt to install the latest drop of  Sounds simple enough.  Even Vista should be able to handle that.  Hmmm....

After downloading I proceeded to use the Extract All... option to unzip the downloaded file.  Except the binary installer inside the zip always unzipped to about 1 meg in size and would just report "Program too big to fit in memory" when you try and run it.   After repeating the above steps a few times, I googled and installed a free tool named FreeZip.  Freezip integrated into the Explorer and unzipped my download perfectly the first time.

Now I understand that writing unzip utilities is very difficult and requires tremendous resources but one would think that if anyone had the resources to get it done, it would be Microsoft. 

That's sarcasm for those of you who like fruit on your boxen.

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