Monday, August 7, 2006

Wow Outlook sucks as an IMAP client

Yes we've all known this for some time but it just boiled over for me
this morning. I'm here at building 20 on the Microsoft campus getting
read to begin the August VSIP dev lab and I had about 50 emails that I
needed to process. This should be an easy procedure. Delete a few,
read most, reply to some, etc. There's but one problem. We are not
using Exchange so Outlook can't manage to behave. It sometimes just
"goes away" when you click on a folder. Oh it usually returns about 10
minutes later but how frustrating is that?

For some time now I've had this working system where when I've had a lot
of email to process I shut down Outlook and fire up Thunderbird. I
can't really stand staying with Thunderbird because I enjoy having my
calendar and to do items on my smart phone too much but it's really
frustrating knowing that Microsoft could write a good IMAP client if
they wanted to. I'd almost respect them more if they would just come
out say that they are intentionally going to build a crappy IMAP
client. Then at least you could say they suck honestly.


  1. I've been using Outlook 2003 and Thunderbird...and agree with you.

    Using Outlook, I can't remove message entries that have been "lined-out"

  2. Hmm strange this post is totaly irrelevant to the search query I entered in google but it was listed on the first page.