Monday, August 14, 2006

Are they really this dumb?

I just got back from spending two weeks attending a couple different Microsoft developer events.  It's easy to come away from events like these very excited about what products are coming and what technologies we'll get to work on.  It's equally easy to come away confused on how so many smart people can be so totally clueless.

I could write volumes on this subject but an example my wife showed me last night shall suffice.  We recently moved one of our other computers upstairs for the kids so she was removing Age of Empires III from her laptop.  The uninstall dialog was classic.  The title bar said "Setup" (a word directly related to installing a product).  The first line said "Uninstalling Age of Empires III".  The second and last line said something like "Setup is preparing the installation".  So is it installing or uninstalling?  Yes I know that AoE III came from a different developer but it's a Microsoft game.

I've got about 10 blog posts swirling in my head on this topic right now so you'll hear more in the coming days and weeks. 

BTW, this post was my first with Live Writer.  So far it looks pretty nice.  It's a Microsoft product though so when I hit the publish button I'm expecting it to tell me that it can't save the post because the title ends in a question mark.  :)

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