Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Build 5728 good but still not RC1

Running Vista x64 build 5728 here and while things are pretty stable it is clear that Microsoft is still committing large amounts of code.  Here's a list of things that are not working that well:

  • VIA 8237 SATA drivers still suck.  Great they I can install Vista on an SATA driver without installing an OEM driver during install, but after reboot there are so many IRQ requests across the bus that the mouse skips and the sound cuts out all the time.  Installing the Windows XP x64 driver from MSI fixed it.
  • Installing the latest NVIDIA drivers seemed to work ok although it had no effect on my Windows Experience Index.  However, running Windows media center failed with a black screen and essentially locked up the machine.  Vista kept telling me that a kernel driver had failed and had successfully recovered but the machine was essentially unusable.  I was able to logoff to kill media center.  One bright spot here is that rolling back to the WDDM Microsoft video driver did not require a reboot.
  • Media Center seems to be working ok although the guide seems a bit more jittery than 5600.
  • Windows Calendar loses its font settings after being used for awhile.  The UI controls start using a chunky, bold font.
  • This may not be a bug but its really confusing.  I use two Dell 19" LCD screens side-by-side and I have some wide screen backgrounds that I've wanted to use with Vista.  In Windows Server 2003, I pick the background and it fills both screens, treating them both as a single screen.  With Vista, the non-tiled option scrunches the background on to both screens.  Choosing the tiled option (which should scrunch) actually displays the background spanned across both screens.  It's working for me but this can't be right.
  • Sync Center still is a complete no-show.  I've heard that it works for Windows Mobile 5 devices but I have not yet heard any official statement that pre-5 devices will not be supported.  I can sync media and program files but not contacts, calendar, or emails.

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