Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's just great innovation, man!

As I'm sure you are aware by now, Python 2.5 has just been released.  Let me first just send out some big kudos to the python community for actually releasing a product in a timely manner.  As "others" have yet to discover, there is a benefit to not waiting 5 years between releases.

However, my real point behind this post is to ask everyone to count how many times they will hear some Windows blogger or Windows-centric news site complain that the Python community stole the "with" concept from C#.  I'm guessing it will be pretty close to zero.  Now, what if Microsoft had implemented the with keyword after some other languages?  Yeah, you know what would have been said.

If Microsoft acquires or copies technology then everyone complains that they never invent anything.  Let some open source guys copy something and it's just great innovation, man! 

BTW, how long till this Python thing runs its course?  Ruby (the next thing) seems to already be displacing it somewhat.  I still don't  understand how a language that uses characters you can't see to control program flow can be truly successful.  We'll see...