Thursday, September 14, 2006

Would love to try out Max

The Max team has released a new version of their product that includes some nice RSS reading features.  A coworker of mine asked me if I had tried it out just a day or so after it was released so it must interesting.  Of course I wouldn't know.  I would explain if I could.

My first attempt at installing Max was on Vista RC1 x64.  It promptly told me that x64 systems were not supported.  Later I tried installing on Vista RC1 x32.  Bzzt.  XP SP2 is required.  So I dig around and find the Max MSI file and, using Orca,  convince it that installing is ok.  After installing, it explained to me that I needed a newer version of .NET 3.0.  Huh?

Let me see if I get this right.  Microsoft works for 5 years to build an OS that seems to barely be an upgrade to XP.  Vista RC1 is the first build that comes with .NET 3.0 baked right in and Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to show the world that Vista and .NET 3.0 are the way and the light.  And yet an app that is an excellent demonstration of .NET 3.0 doesn't work on Vista?  Are you kidding me?

I have *tons* of apps (both managed and unmanaged) that work and have worked on all the versions of Vista and don't seem to care if you are on x32 or x64 but _somehow_ this photo sharing and RSS reading tool is so coupled with the system that it can't possible run on x64 or on Vista RC1.  After reading in the Max forums, someone from the Max team posted that in fact Max works on Vista but they didn't want to expose the users to any potential bugs so they disabled it.  Where do they get these people?  I"m running Vista RC1 and reading email on Outlook 2007 beta 2.  I surf web pages on FireFox beta 2 and use Google which, we all know, is always in beta.  Find bugs?  Believe me, that's what you want us to do.


  1. i love the rss reading tool..

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