Wednesday, September 6, 2006

PVR 500 supported right in Vista 5536. Sweet!

I have this Hauppauge PVR 500 dual-tuner TV card that is apparently completely incompatible with my VIA-based Athlon XP 1700+ system.  So I decided to slap it into my dual opteron box running Vista 5536.  As I was rebooting after installing the card, I was wondering if the official Hauppauge drivers would install properly.  No worries!  Vista notified me that it had drivers for them and they installed perfectly.  Cool.

A few minutes later and I had media center up and running and connected to my XBox 360.  The interface seems snappier on the 360 as well.  Now, all is not sweet in the land of milk and honey.  Tuning TV worked but everytime it tried to record it would just repeat the first few seconds over and over.  Oh well, guess I'll try RC1.

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